Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s MADE Tour in North America was a Huge Success Drawing 87,000 Fans

With their concert in Toronto, Canada, BIGBANG’s MADE tour in North America came to an end.

On October 13 (local time), BIGBANG held a concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada. All the tickets were sold out and about 14,000 fans came to see BIGBANG.

With this concert, they successfully completed their MADE tour in North America. BIGBANG held concerts in four US cities- Las Vegas, LA, Anaheim, New Jersey – and in Toronto, Canada for their tour and drew a total of 87,000 fans.

BIGBANG’s Toronto concert was a huge success. Fans lined up long before the concert started to see get into the standing seat area, and even those who failed to get the tickets stayed around and cheered when they heard BIGBANG rehearsing.

The audience was all seated an hour before the concert began. When music videos were played on the big screens installed at the both sides of the stage, they sang along.

The opening performance was “BANG BANG BANG”. Then, BIGBANG sang not only their MADE singles such as “IF YOU”, “LOSER”, “SOBER” but also their hit songs such as “BLUE”, “HARU HARU” “BAD BOY” and “FANTASTIC BABY”. When BIGBANG started their performance for “BLUE”, fans filled the arena with blue lights.

Meanwhile, the New York Times, the Muse, and the Village Voice praised BIGBANG’s world tour concerts. On October 13, the Billboard wrote an article on BIGBANG’s concerts held in Newark on October 10 and 11 titled “BIGBANG Confirm Their Power as a Group & Individuals at Jersey ‘Made’ Arena Shows: Live Review.”

They said, “the Made tour may have accomplished more than a night of entertainment in showing that boy bands can, in fact, shine as a collective and on an individual, human basis. BIGBANG and its five superstars are still redefining what a boy band is today and experimenting with what happens when real life enters into the mix.”

After their successful tour in North America, BIGBANG will continue with their world tour by holding concerts in Sydney on October 17-18 and in Melbourne on October 21.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportNews)

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