Thursday, October 8, 2015

[NEWS] 15,000 Fans Flocked to BIGBANG’s First Concert in Mexico

YG ENTERTAINMENT’s leading boy group BIGBANG attracted 15,000 fans to the concert held in Mexico as part of their world tour, demonstrating their presence as a global star.

On Oct. 7th local time, BIGBANG held a concert and met with their fans at ARENA CIUDAD DE MEXICO, located in Mexico City. Despite the fact that this was their first concert in Mexico, 15,000 fans flocked to the concert.

A number of fans holding placards formed lines in and outside of the airport before they arrived in Mexico. And some fans came to the concert place 4-5 hours before the concert started, and sang along and danced to BIGBANG’s music in anticipation and excitement.

The roads around the concert place were filled with the fans to the extent that the cars were unable to pass. In particular, the fans put up tents and waited for a long time to get standing seats, which were available on a first-come first-serve basis, in an effort to see BIGBANG from up close.

BIGBANG started the concert with their song “BANG BANG BANG,” displaying perfect live singing and impressive performances. VCR screens were installed on the both sides of the stage and the ceiling, so the fans at a distance could vividly see their every single movement.

BIGBANG sang hit songs from their recent “MADE” Project, including “IF YOU” and “LOSER” as well as their previous hit songs such as “BAD BOY” and “FANTASTIC BABY.” They excited the fans with glamorous performances and their distinctive feel. The members also performed solo, singing songs like “CROOKED” and “EYES NOSE LIPS,” displaying their singing skills and unique charm. The fans cheered, singing along in Korean and shaking glowing sticks.

BIGBANG held concerts in Las Vegas, L.A., Anaheim and Mexico City, attracting 49,000 fans in total. They are scheduled to perform in New Jersey on Oct. 10th and 11th, and in Toronto on Oct. 13th, continuing their North American Tour.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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