Sunday, August 9, 2015

[On TV Yesterday] As a Producer, GD was So Hot in Infinite Challenge

The song festival of Infinite Challenge was a rare chance to see what GD is like as a producer. Viewers were able to get a glimpse of GD as a producer, who is so musically talented that he is often referred to as a “celebrity among the celebrities”. His charismatic yet gentle producing style won the hearts of many viewers.

On the August 8 episode of MBC’s Infinite Challenge, GD, TAEYANG and Kwanghee from ZE:A started recording their song “맙소사” for the 2015 music festival. Jokingly calling themselves as “Hwangtaeji”, GD, TAEYANG and Kwanghee received huge responses as little parts of their song were aired on the episode. The song “맙소사” is a classic BIGBANG style music with an exciting and addictive beat. With Kwanghee among them, expectations are high on what kind of a team GD, TAEYANG and Kwanghee will make.

GD’s gentle charisma as a producer grabbed the attention of many viewers. Although Kwanghee kept making mistakes, GD was gentle and encouraged him to go on, but he also gave clear and strict directions at the same time. GD managed to do exactly what he had to do as a producer while trying to make the singer feel comfortable. His soft yet seasoned producing style wowed the viewers.

Although the recording process was only aired for a short time, GD, TAEYANG and Kwanghee working hard as a team raised expectations for the music festival. Viewers were able to see what GD is like not only as a singer but also as a producer. He didn’t try to look cool but the way he focused made him look really sexy. People say that women find men attractive when they are focused on doing their job. GD added his sexy charm to this, sweeping the viewers off their feet.

This is the third time that GD participated in Infinite Challenge’s music festival. He teamed up with Park Myung Soo at first and then Jung Hyung Don. This time, GD is in a team with Kwanghee – the new member of Infinite Challenge. When doing music festivals, GD is not only loved for the songs he makes but also for the sweet yet squabbling “bromance” relationships with his team members.
During previous music festivals, GD stood up against Park Myung Soo and kept his color although Park Myung Soo constantly shouted at him. He also built a special relationship Jung Hyung Don as if he were playing games with him and made people say it is as if they were shooting for the “We’re Married” show. This time, GD has forged a hearty friendship with Kwanghee, who lacks confidence. Whenever GD appears in Infinite Challenge, he wins the hearts of the viewers with his warm-hearted appeal.

Meanwhile, on the August 8 episode, it was officially announced that Infinite Challenge’s music festival for 2015 will be held in Pyeoungchang on August 13.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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