Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[NEWS] You Jae-suk, host of “Infinite Challenge,” sang BIGBANG’s BAE BAE…playing all the five roles alone

Yoo Jae-suk, host of popular reality TV show “Infinite Challenge,” performed a passionate “Bae Bae” of BIGBANG.

The 436th episode of the show aired on 11th presented the second part of a “Masquerade.”

Yoo took the last turn to show off his charm on the stage. Even the presence of Taeyang and G-Dragon did little to discourage him from choosing “Bae Bae.”

Everybody burst into a laugh when Yoo attempted T.O.P’s facial expression while rapping his part, followed by parts of G-Dragon and Taeyang. He even imitated Seungri’s part, looking dreamy enough to keep people laughing.

Taeyang, impressed by his performance, said, “He pulled it off. Even Seungri’s part.” Zion. T did not shy away from showing his affection, saying, “He was just lovely.”

Source: YG Entertainment(myDaily)

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