Tuesday, July 28, 2015

[Music Talk Talk] BIGBANG’s Filming MV for New Song of Aug.

YG’s main producer YANG HYUN SUK dropped a hint about the new song to be released by BIGBANG next month.

Mr. Yang posted on his Instagram in the morning of July 28th a part of the music video for BIGBANG’s new song that will be released next month as part of their digital single “E.” He also posted a close-up image of DAESUNG.

This song is a different one from GD&TOP’s new song “FANTASTIC,” which is also a part of their new single “E.”Some part of the song has been disclosed along with a video clip of a couple jumping on a trampoline. The song features BIGBANG’s unique feel as well as a soft melody line.

BIGBANG has been engaged in the “MADE” Project since May, and they are doing very well. Releasing “M” as the first single of their “MADE” album in May, they dominated a number of music charts and music programs with their songs “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.” In June, they released their second single “A,” presenting “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY,” both of which dominated the music charts once again. And in July, they released “IF YOU” and SOBER” in their third single “D,”featuring plaintive singing as well as a light feel that goes well with the summer season.

In August, they are releasing their fourth single “E,” where they are expected to show other aspects of their musicality. G-DRAGON and T.O.P’s rapping is especially anticipated.

Many eyes are on what BIGBANG’s new songs will sound like and how they are going to do.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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