Thursday, July 2, 2015

[Music Talk Talk] “BIGBANG=No.1”… Secret of the formula

It is just as expected. BIGBANG is sweeping the music scene with their third single as everyone expected, proving their power once again.

BIGBANG released “D”, the third single of their “MADE” project, on July 1 at 0 o’clock. The single includes sad ballad “IF YOU” and summer song “SOBER”. The two songs have totally different moods, and now they are dominating music charts.

BIGBANG has been setting a record of dominating all music charts in Korea with three singles of “MADE” project, proving their enormous potential for three consecutive months from May. They take the No.1 on charts upon the release of new songs, and make more than three songs be ranked in top ten. The formula that “BIGBANG is always the No.1 on charts” is still applied.

The biggest reason behind the popularity of BIGBANG’s music among the public is because, of course, it is “good music”. BIGBANG always expresses their own color explicitly, to the extent that people say it is “BIGBANG-ish”, while taking a new departure every time. The familiar but new and fresh appeal is the power that makes people listen to BIGBANG music continuously.

Notably, BIGBANG write their own songs, so they are clearly differentiated from other boy groups who are categorized as “idol group”. When G-DRAGON appeared in JTBC’s “News Room” last month, he expressed his confidence by saying, “We write our own songs and that appeals to the public well. We have a self-confident in our songs”. Just as G-DRAGON’s remark, BIGBANG works on their own songs, to create the optimal music that best fits themselves.

One of the appeals of BIGBANG’s music is that it is unpredictable. In “BAE BAE” released in May, BIGBANG shouts “Chapsalteok” (Korean sticky rice cake) while complimenting a 25-year-old woman, and gives a fresh feel by shouting “Bangya Bangya Bangya” in “BANG BANG BANG”, while doing a disciplined group dance. BIGBANG’s uniquely witty lyrics and ideas express the color of their music to the full extent.

The latest song “IF YOU” and “SOBER” are not just a sad ballad and an exciting summer song. “IF YOU” sings a sad and sentimental emotions that can be sympathized by the public, in a tender and calm way, to complete a “BIGBANG-style” ballad. Most of all, even rapper T.O.P sings for the song, creating a unique color. BIGBANG’s unique mood and bold lyrics also stand out in “SOBER”. It is not just exciting dance music, but it expresses BIGBANG’s own color with the subtle mood.

As such, BIGBANG’s music that can appeal to the public taste while expressing their own intense color is all the more special in the current music scene. The public has firm trust in BIGBANG to the extent that they call the team “God-BANG”, and BIGBANG always live up to such expectations by leading the trend. Such trust and the power of music is understood as the natural power which created the formula of “BIGBANG=No.1”.

Music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of “subtly delicate music” BIGBANG will present next month, after their domination of the music scene from May until this month.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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