Friday, June 19, 2015

[NEWS] GD on Newsroom, “Commercialization of Art? Concerned but Not Bad”

GD expressed his thoughts on commercializing art.

On JTBC’s Newsroom aired on June 18, GD was interviewed by anchor Sohn Suk Hee.

About art becoming commercialized through his exhibition, GD commented, “I am concerned but I don’t think commercialization is bad. I am still young and have plenty of time to develop. It’s similar to wanting to show my friends pretty and yummy things. I want to make art more approachable for the public.”

Sohn commented, “You thought a lot about this issue.”

BIGBANG is currently releasing a new album every month from May to August, and along with this, GD is holding an exhibition at Seoul Museum of Art with artists home and aboard to display artwork based on collaboration.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

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