Thursday, June 18, 2015

[NEWS] G-DRAGON meets Son Seok-Hee… Appearing in JTBC’s “News Room”

G-DRAGON meets anchor Son Seok-Hee.

JTBC said on the 18, “G-DRAGON who is at the center of public interest for BIGBANG’s world tour and modern art exhibition after the team’s comeback after three years of absence, will appear in “News Room” on the day.

Recently, Seoul Museum of Art has been exhibiting pieces of art work produced through collaboration between artists in and out of the country and G-DRAGON. Such encounter between a pop star and contemporary art that typically has a high entry barrier, has created sensation and some controversies, too.

G-DRAGON who is now recognized as an artist rather than just an idol star, being called as a contemporary icon, will appear in JTBC news to honestly talk about his own world of art and his experiences and thoughts as the leader of 10-year-old idol group BIGBANG.

“News Room” has invited not only famous foreign stars who visit Korea, but also celebrities of the pop and culture scenes, who rarely appear in news programs.

People are paying keen attention to what interactions anchor Son Seok-Hee who always draws big attention for his cutting questions in a friendly atmosphere will have with the most popular idol star in Korea.

The encounter between Son and G-DRAGON will be broadcasted in “News Room” on the 18 at 8pm.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

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