Monday, May 11, 2015

[Oh! Sen Focus] What Makes BIGBANG, “Rare Item in Entertainment Show”, Appear in TV Show? Yoo Jae-suk

While boy group BIGBANG who is rarely seen in entertainment shows has decided to appear in “Happy Together 3″, there seems to be an interesting common ground in the TV shows in which the team appears. That is, those TV shows are hosted by “Every Korean’s MC” Yoo Jae-suk.

BIGBANG is to take part in the shooting of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Happy Together 3″ at KBS headquarters located in Yeoui-do, Seoul, on the 16 this month. It is the first time for all the five members of the team to appear in KBS’s entertainment show as a complete team in nine years since their debut.

Unlike other idol groups, BIGBANG does not appear in entertainment shows that much, because the team is focused on musical performance as an “artist”. BIGBANG has appeared in SBS TV’s talk show “Gangshimjang (Strong Heart)” and “Healing Camp” so far.

As for entertainment programs other than talk show, MBC TV’s “The Infinite Challenge” and SBS TV’s “I Love Sunday-Running Man” are the only shows in which BIGBANG has appeared.

All those shows in which BIGBANG has appeared are hosted by Yoo Jae-suk, the most famous MC who boasts a comfortable and witty hosting of talk shows. “Happy Together 3″ in which BIGBANG will appear soon is also hosted by Yoo. Yoo and BIGBANG have shown their friendship in TV shows for several times so far. Yoo hosted “I Love Sunday-The Family Has Come” where DAESUNG appeared regularly, and he also performed with G-DRAGON in “The Infinite Challenge”‘s music festival. As Yoo always leads TV shows to a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, people are paying keen attention to what outcome the encounter between Yoo and BIGBANG who appears in a TV show after a long time of break will create. The focus of such interest is what harmony Yoo and BIGBANG will show in “Happy Together 3″.

Some of the BIGBANG members have appeared in “Star Golden Bell” and “Gag Concert” in early days of their debut, but there was no case where all the five members appeared in KBS TV’s entertainment show. It is known that the decision for BIGBANG’s appearance in “Happy Together” was made in a meeting between YG Entertainment’s head YANG HYUN SUK and a high-ranking official of KBS’s Entertainment Bureau. (Exclusively reported by OSEN)

YG artists including BIGBANG have not been appearing in KBS TV’s programs for the recent few years. However, after JINUSEAN’s performance in “Music Bank” this year, the relationship between YG and KBS has turned amicable. Some speculated that YG and KBS may begin communication again by making use of JINUSEAN’s performance in “Music Bank” as an opportunity. In addition, BIGBANG has also made a decision to appear in KBS’s long-lived talk show “Happy Together 3″. So, people are paying keen attention to whether YG artists will actively appear in KBS’s programs to more communicate with fans.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has been in the No.1 place on the chart of music-streaming websites and music shows since the release of their new song “LOSER” on May 1. They took the top rank in MBC’s “Show! Music Center” on the 9 and received a trophy in SBS “INKIGAYO” on the 10.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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