Monday, May 11, 2015

[EXCLUSIVE] BIGBANG Reignited: Films Double M/V’s for June 1

BIGBANG is again filming the music videos for the two new songs to be released in June. Directors Seo Hyeong-seung and Digipedi, who have walked along with YG for a long time, will be in charge.

BIGBANG will be unveiling two new songs on June 1, and are about to film the music videos. The songs are already complete, and the music videos will be utterly and uniquely different from each other.

One song is by Director Seo Hyeon-seung while the other one will be directed by Digipedi. Seo is already attracting much attention as he filmed the latest “BAE BAE.” The already-famous video clip goes far beyond providing just visual entertainment factors.

Seo is known for his work for BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” and 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST.”

The other music video, filmed by Digipedi, is also attracting much attention because he was in charge of filming EPIK HIGH’s unique video of “BORN HATER.”

BIGBANG’s comeback was highlighted by their amazing performance. They swept across all charts immediately after releasing “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” on May 1, and still stand at the top for 11 days in a row. Their music videos are also attracting much attention. The two very different videos each attracted 15.9 million and 13.1 million hits on YouTube as of 8 am on May 11. Altogether they have drawn in more than 29 million viewers, soon to hit 30 million.

But all eyes are already on the quintet’s following two songs under the veil that are to be revealed on June 1.

Source: YG Entertainment(TVReport)

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