Sunday, May 24, 2015

[NEWS] [D-7 Till New Tracks] Only BIGBANG Can Rival BIGBANG

If the following prediction becomes true, this will surely be a groundbreaking incident in the music world. An artist occupy the top slot like a relay every month with their own songs…

BIGBANG announced to take on a challenge of releasing albums consecutively. On May 1 the quintet came back as a whole for the first time in 3 years. And with just one week to go before another new album comes out, they climbed back the ranking and became #1. The competition will become BIGBANG vs BIGBANG. With their track “LOSER,” they have now become WINNER, like their fellow YG group name.

“LOSER” unveiled on May 1 is doing a reverse-ranking thing. On May 24 the track climbed back to become #1 on South Korea’s largest music site Melon. As soon as the track was unveiled, “LOSER,” with the other title track “BAE BAE,” occupied the top two slots for nearly 20 days in a row. For a few days it yielded its position to other artists, but it soon retrieved its original position.

“LOSER” did a perfect all-kill on 10 major music charts, and on Melon it is doing so with flying colors. The two tracks doing so well simultaneously itself is quite unprecedented in the music world.

Apart from this, “LOSER” took over all 3 terrestrial channels and also Mnet’s M Countdown and MBC Music’s “Show! Champion. It took 9 trophies in total. On MBC’s Show! Music Center, they took two trophies in a row without even making an appearance. As if that had upset the show staff members, the trophy was handed to someone else this week.

BIGBANG’s “LOSER” is about a lonely person. With the soft beat and the medium tempo, the song expresses BIGBANG’s colors clearly. It is tranquil but rhythmical, carrying an addictive hook that attracts any listeners. T.O.P and GD wrote the song while TAEYANG composed, and TEDDY was in charge of the overall production.

Music video is attracting at least a million viewers everyday. “LOSER” hit 23.3 million in just 23 days. Through its official blog, YG Entertainment consecutively unveiled solo clips of DAESUNG, TAEYANG, GD, SEUNGRI and T.O.P, presenting another source of entertainment to the fans.

The videos created in celebration of hitting 20 million views feature T.O.P in white gloves appearing from a room covered in white cloth. He faces a woman. After a brief contact with the woman he stops her when she tries to touch a sculpture of his shape. He is cold. But soon he is covered in blood, roaming the streets, crying out loud. His completely different but impactful acting leave a powerful impression on the fans.

Fans who viewed the video commented, “T.O.P looks so sorrowful,” “I was completely drawn into it,” “T.O.P is too cool,” and “I became really emotional, too.”

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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