Saturday, May 23, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG Shares about Hunger Struggles During Trainee and Rookie Years

Getting rid of the misconception that they had it easy from the beginning, the BIGBANG members shared the struggles they faced during their rookie days.

On May 21, BIGBANG appeared as guests on KBS′Happy Together, where the members talked about their earlier living conditions.

G-Dragon shared that they had a difficult time for about two or three years. Their dorm consisted of a small room with shared mattresses inside an old building where mice were even spotted.

When asked about food, Taeyang explained that they had a manager who provided the food. "Because he was often busy, there was a time when he didn′t bring food for several weeks. After we came from practice with much anticipation to see food in the refridgerator, we saw that it was completely empty."

"There was this chocolate cracker that we liked. The one made with wheat. We really wanted it. but because it was kind of a luxurious snack, it was 500 won more expensive than other snacks," said T.O.P. "If you buy one, there′s like 18 or 20 of them inside. We would decide on how many we′ll eat per day and eat one at a time. Even though we were so hungry and wanted to eat it all in one sitting, we thought we might crave for it later at night. We ate it slowly, melting it on our tongues."

Taeyang then said they became suspicious of the manager who was living in the dorm with them. He had his own room, which was always locked. "We wondered if there was food in there, since we couldn′t find food anywhere else. So after contemplating, we decided to break into the room."

Taeyang explained that G-Dragon picked the lock with a coin, and together, they found a pile of snacks under the blankets.

"The sorrow that we got from that discovery... G-Dragon and I just kind of hugged each other." G-Dragon added that they couldn′t even eat what they found. "If we took the food, we would get caught when the manager came back."

Receiving 5,000 won per person a day, the members shared that they planned out how to use the money.

Taeyang talked about how Daesung betrayed that plan once, getting something delicious with the vocal trainer. The members said they felt truly betrayed as Daesung admitted to doing so.

Source: KBS, enewsworld

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