Thursday, May 21, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG Reveals Who the Best Cook is in the Group

The BIGBANG members revealed the best cook in the group as well as their cooking skills.

The BIGBANG members will be appearing as guests in the upcoming episode of KBS′ Happy Together. During the 100-minute special, the Late Night Snack Shop segment returned, allowing the BIGBANG members to show off their veiled cooking skills.

Ahead of revealing the individual dishes that the members created, Yoo Jae Suk said, "I heard that to prepare for the Late Night Snack Shop, the BIGBANG members talked to the writers continuously for a week."

When asked who the best cook was in BIGBANG, the members pointed to Taeyang.

"I don′t cook well. But I think I have a good sense for what will go well together," said Taeyang. Not wanting to lose, Daesung added, "Both my parents are from Jeolla-do (Korean province known for delicious food). I think I inherited good cooking skills from them."

As the panelists tried each of BIGBANG′s dishes, they didn′t hold back compliments, raising the anticipation for viewers.

The Happy Together staff also commented, "We didn′t know that the BIGBANG members′ cooking skills would be as good as their talking skills. The staff members were going crazy while trying the food."

"Dishes of kimbap, ramen, and more that we′ve never tasted before that show each member′s uniqueness are waiting. Look forward to it."

The episode will air on May 21.

Source: KBS, enewsworld

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