Monday, May 25, 2015

[Music Talk Talk] BIGBANG Sweeps and Goes Up Charts Again… The Power Behind Their 10 Crowns

Idol group BIGBANG has proven their power once again. Beginning from “domination of music charts”, they took 10 crowns with a new album, to prove the potential of the top idol group once again.

Then, how did they make the entire music scene of this May into “the times of BIGBANG”?

BIGBANG began their peformance for new songs “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” on the 1 of this month. The two songs swept the No.1 and No.2 places on 10 major music charts of Korea, upon their release. Notably, “LOSER” stayed in the top for almost 20 days. The No.1 place was taken for a while by new songs, but the song took it back in five days, recording a long-run hit.

BIGBANG also took 10 crowns in music shows. Upon their comeback, “LOSER” took the No.1 in MBC “Show! Music Center” on the 9 this month, then in KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, cable channel Mnet’s “M-Countdown”, and MBC’s “Show Champion”. Notably, BIGBANG earned triple crown in SBS “INKIGAYO” by taking the No.1 for three consecutive weeks.

Such an achievement is understood to have been brought by the power of BIGBANG’s music. BIGBANG is one of the few idol groups who have a wide fan base and popularity. The team’s high ranks on charts shows the fact that BIGBANG is not just depending on their fandom but enjoying popularity from a wide range of the public.

Plus, the fact that BIGBANG has a unique style that is called “BIGBANGish music” is one of the factors behind their big popularity. “LOSER” has rather mild beat and slow tempo, but it has a distinctive color which makes listeners know it is a “BIGBANG song” immediately.

“BAE BAE” released with “LOSER” has also been enjoying high popularity, for its witty lyrics like “Chapssalddeok”(Korean sticky rice cake). It seems that the “BIGBANGish style” with new and sophisticated music is captivating music fans.

In addition, BIGBANG’s stage performance plays the role of drawing a bigger attention to their music itself. Their performances in music shows are nothing less than concert. Stage settings that provide splendid spectacles, sensational performance production, and witty elements such as “BAE BAE”‘s “Chapssalddeok Dance” catch the eyes. People say that the music naturally catches their ears, while seeing BIGBANG’s performances.

People are now paying keen attention to what kind of new record the new song to be released a week later will set following “LOSER”. As BIGBANG has already made May “the month of BIGBANG”, music fans are paying keen attention to what new appeals the new songs to be released on the 1 of next month will show and how they will surpass the record of “LOSER”.

Source: YG Entertainmeny(OSEN)

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