Saturday, November 29, 2014

[NEWS] When Will BIGBANG Return as a Whole?

When will BIGBANG make a comeback as a whole? Standing at the very top of idol groups, BIGBANG hinted a dynamic comeback early this year, exciting thousands of fans. But as always, BIGBANG put more emphasis on the “completion” of the album than the “release date.” At a recent interview with OSEN, GD X TAEYANG were apologetic of the delay: “We are sorry. We are actually working on it now. The delay is due to our zeal to make it better.” Such attitude is probably how BIGBANG has survived so long as the top idol group.

TAEYANG commented, “BIGBANG’s album must be good, and since we took much time off, we want to make it extraordinary. With the album release, I am entering my late 20’s, and I am constantly thinking of our future direction.”

He added, “I cannot predict the future, but depending on how this album turns out, my thought will change. Our path for when we are in our 30’s will be determined,” emphasizing the importance of their upcoming comeback. GD continued, “We want to produce and album when we are satisfied with it, and not pushed by others.” GD X TAEYANG both mentioned the upcoming album when asked what their biggest concerns now are.

GD brought up their entrance in the US market. “Of course, if you are an artist, you dream of going to the States, and it will also help in your musical career. But PSY, who rose to stardom naturally, shows that planning and mentioning it in advance can bring about mixed reactions.”

“Music is not about selling it to other countries. A person could turn into a fan after listening to our music once,” said GD, and added, “We don’t think it’s time yet. If we keep doing what we are good at, then there will be opportunities for us in the future.”

GD X TAEYANG released their new single “GOOD BOY” on Nov 21. The track is co-composed by GD, Fliptones, and Freedo while written and rearranged by GD. With the addictive trap beat, GD’s unique rap and melody harmonize with TAEYANG’s groovy singing.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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