Saturday, November 22, 2014

[NEWS] GD X TAEYANG Proves Popularity with “Super Performance”

YG’s first hip-hop project GD X TAEYANG certainly satisfied the expectation of the fans. The announcement of the unit itself aroused much attention, and when “GOOD BOY” actually came out, the track immediately garnered much popularity all around the world.

At 0 hour of Nov 21, “GOOD BOY” was out. The two artists met when they were just two 13-year olds as YG trainees, so the synergy between them is beyond imagination.

Their new track swept across all 10 charts, proving their popularity and anticipation. And now GD and TAEYANG have knocked down all charts as members of BIGBANG, as solos and as a unit.

Their popularity is borderless. The track topped 7 iTunes including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, Thailand and Vietnam.

Major media is spotlighting the two as well. America’s FUSE TV on Nov 20 wrote, “Song of a day” BIGBANG’s G-Dragon & TAEYANG Link Up for Neon Club Banger “Good Boy”. Today’s an important day in their K-pop star bromance with the release of their new single “Good Boy.” And, boy, is it an awesome milestone.”

It added, “The stars slip between singing and rapping as GD’s fast rhymes turn into a crooning bridge while TAEYANG’s pre-chorus chants get faster by the second. This one might be our favorite GDxTAEYANG joint yet.”

The M/V of the track is also attracting much attention. In just 8 hours, it hit 790,000 views, and in 14 hours the number climbed to 1.3 million. In 22 hours, it surpassed 2 million.

America’s music magazine HYPERTRACK wrote that the two shows a perfectly choreographed performance under the neon, which doubles their energies.

This M/V was filmed in collaboration with YouTube to celebrate the 2nd YouTube music award to be held in March 2015. YouTube created an opportunity for top artists, who will have a positive influence on the music world in 2015, to produce collaboration music videos. And GD X TAEAYNG was the first—the world’s first.

The famous Collin Tilley, who directed Justin Timberlake and other world stars’ music videos, joined the two best friends this time. Born in 1988, the two are wearing the 88 Seoul Olympics hats to celebrate it.

Now the two have truly proved their value in the global music market. All eyes are on the two to see what kind of path they will pave in the future.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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