Monday, October 13, 2014

[NEWS] Taeyang Shares that BIGBANG is Currently Working on New Album

At his recent solo concert, Taeyang teased a bit about BIGBANG′s comeback.

On October 10, 11 and 12, BIGBANG′s taeyang held his solo concert, 2014 Taeyang Concert - Rise at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park.

Towards the end of the concert, he held a Q&A session with the fans. One audience member asked about the comeback period of BIGBANG, leading Taeyang to say, "I believe that the thing everyone′s curious about is related to the BIGBANG members and the new album."

Having promoted individually, BIGBANG′s group comeback in Korea was announced to happen earlier in the year but was postponed to the disappointment of many fans.

He continued, "Because I really want to greet you all with the members with good music, I′ve been working on the new song at the studio. I′ve been sharpening my will to return with the members and good music. I really want to pay everyone back with good music. This year, it′s been nine years since our debut. It′s a time that could be both long or short, but thank you for sending love regardless what we looked like. You don′t have a reason to be thankful for us. We′ll be thankful instead. Before I even knew it, after spending all this time with BIGBANG, I think we showed you a lot of things, but I hope that everyone will continue to support and watch over the future plans of these five rascals."

Meanwhile, Taeyang performed songs from his first album Solar, including Superstar, Move, You′re My, I Need a Girl, and Wedding Dress, as well as Body, Eyes Nose Lips, This Ain′t It, Ringa Linga, 1AM, Stay With Me, Love You to Death, and more from his second album Rise, released in June.

Source: YG Entertainment, enewsworld

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