Friday, September 5, 2014

[NEWS] TAEYANG Successfully Completes Japanese Solo Tour with G-DRAGON′s Help

With much success, Taeyang completed his first solo tour in Japan.

After releasing his Rise+Solar & Hot solo debut album in Japan on August 13 and ranking second on the daily and weekly charts of Oricon′s album section, Taeyang began his first Japanese solo tour SOL Japan Tour ′Rise′ 2014 on August 12 and 13 at the Grand Cube Osaka convention center.

Touring six cities with 13 concerts and about 70,000 spectators, Taeyang held the finale concert at the Osaka Jo Hall on September 3 and 4, continuing his excellent singing and powerful dance performances until the very end, exciting fans.

Showing passion through taking charge in the total production of the concert, including stage, video, lights, band, and more, Taeyang created flutters in the hearts of fans by performing the song Beautiful without a shirt, revealing his muscular body. He also sang I Need a Girl, inviting a fan up to the stage and giving her a present to remember.

The BIGBANG member also performed Ringa Linga, 1AM, and the Japanese version Eyes Nose Lips, a song that took over the music charts and programs in Korea, receiving much passionate response from the fans.

Most notably during the September 4 performance, Taeyang announced in the middle of the performance of Stay With Me, "Everyone, my friend who came here from Korea, G-Dragon." G-Dragon made a surprise appearance to perform his part of the song, making the fans go wild. Along with G-Dragon and Taeyang, the fans also joined in singing along the chorus of Stay With Me.

For the encore songs, Taeyang sang BIGBANG′s Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby, along with the Korean version of Eyes Nose Lips, putting a splashing end to his first Japanese solo tour. To the fans, Taeyang said, "Due to all of your love, I was able to successfully complete my first solo tour. I′ll continue to e
eat up all your love and support in the future and become greater."

Meanwhile, Taeyang will carry out his personal schedules in Korea with the end of his Japanese tour.

Source: YG Entertainment, enewsworld

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