Monday, August 18, 2014

[NEWS] Fans Donate to Build Forest in Seoul to Celebrate G-Dragon’s Birthday

A forest will be built in Seoul in celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday.

Tree Planet announced on August 18 that a ‘G-Dragon Forest’ will be built in Seoul under G-Dragon’s name.

Deciding to make a ‘G-Dragon forest’ in celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday, the fans have been working with Tree Planet since June in order to carry out the ‘Star Forest Project.’

The ‘Star Forest Project’ is an environmentally friendly project that involves building forests under the stars’ names with the funds collected by the fans.

G-Dragon forest project was carried out by ‘Always GD’ and ‘GDWORLD,’ who opened and promoted a fund raising website. The fans agreed and participated in the meaningful project that congratulates G-Dragon’s birthday and protects the environment at the same time, leading to establishment of the first ‘G-Dragon Forest.’

The fans who participated in the project stated, “We are happy that a place can be built where G-Dragon and the fans share a memory. We hope that the forest can become a place that can provide help to many people.”

CEO Kim Hyung Soo from Tree Planet said, “Tree Planet will be working hard to plant more trees in China, where there are serious pollution problems caused by fine dust and yellow dust. We believe that the healthy fan culture will play a big role in resolving environmental problems.”

Source: enewsworld

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