Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[NEWS] G-Dragon makes Jung Hyung Don jealous with his wreath for 'Weekly Idol's 3rd anniversary

G-Dragon has created a hilarious situation by sending 'Weekly Idol' a wreath commemorating its third anniversary while completely ignoring Jung Hyung Don with whom he had a popular bromance, only addressing the other MC, Defconn.

MBC Everyone's 'Weekly Idol' uploaded a picture of the wreath G-Dragon had sent them as they will be celebrating their third anniversary through the July 23 broadcast. The ribbons on the wreath said, "G-Dragon, I love you, Defconn," with no mention of Jung Hyung Don at all.

The show addressed G-Dragon, saying they were relaying Defconn's gratitude and Jung Hyung Don's jealousy.

In addition, IU sent a congratulatory wreath as well while fans of F.T Island's Jaejin sent them yummy treats!

Source: MBC, allkpop

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