Thursday, July 31, 2014



G-DRAGON: Hello, I’m G-Dragon

TAEYANG: Hello (in cantonese), I’m Taeyang (in mandarin, then cantonese after corrected by Seungri). “What is your name”? (in mandarin)

GD’s laughing and saying it’s not right and TY apologised.

MC: So now if anyone has any questions just raise your hand and our staff will hand the microphone to you.

Q: Do you guys enjoy playing any mobile games? And among the Bigbang members, who is the expert?

SEUNGRI: I usually play games when we’re traveling. I love playing games, but compared to Taeyang, and if we’re battling, he’s more skilful so most of the time he wins.

Q: So this time, is there any reason why Bigbang members are the chosen one to be the models for TOS? We are curious.

TAEYANG: For this one, we actually wanted to do it..

SEUNGRI: The reason is because there are many people who like TOS and Bigbang, this game is really fun and the music is nice so we just decided to do it.

Q: Since Taeyang and Seungri play games regularly, which game is the best and is there any game that you want to recommend?

TAEYANG: Uhm, needless to say. it’s TOS…. Actually, we have a pretty tight schedule recently so we do hope that we will have some time to play this game.

Q: I heard that Taeyang and G-Dragon will be rushing back to Korea after this event, but Seungri will stay a little longer in Hong Kong, so my question is will Seungri spend some time to visit any of the Manga Exhibition since he likes games.

TAEYANG: Which exhibition?

MC: The Asian Manga Exhibition.

TAEYANG: I really like Manga and I wanted to visit the exhibition.

MC: Seungri shi? Do you?

SEUNGRI: If I have time, I think I will.

MC: “Gai Juk”.. (in cantonese means please continue)

TAEYANG: (misheard it with.) “Getcha”… “Getcha Crayon”… (via see may)

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