Sunday, December 18, 2016

[NEWS] Infinite Challenge and BIGBANG, an Hour Full of Laughter

BIGBANG has taken not only Korea but also the world by storm. Infinite Challenge has become the most representative variety show of Korea. These two are both celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and they have come together. There wasn’t a special theme, but it was hilarious.

The BIGBANG special episode of Infinite Challenge aired on December 17. It’s been five years since the group BIGBANG appeared as a guest on the show. But, Infinite Challenge members did not go easy on them and started off the show by making fun of their fashion styles.

They were harsh and said things like, “We’re better dressed than you guys”, “It’s all too much”, “From the back, some of you guys look like that wacky singer ‘Lee Baksa’”, “I couldn’t help laughing. I thought you guys are wearing costumes” and “I’m really disappointed in some of you”. BIGBANG was taken aback by their cynical responses.

Infinite Challenge members tried to keep BIGBANG in check by teasing them. Kwanghee picked at SEUNGRI, and Haha made fun of DAESUNG. Yoo Jae Suk said he wanted to take over TAEYANG’s position in the group because he has a similar voice. Jeong Jun-ha and Yang Se-hyeong each chose T.O.P and G-DRAGON as their rivals.

BIGBANG made counter attacks. SEUNGRI picked Kwanghee and DAESUNG chose Haha as those who are in the same position as them within the team. DAESUNG said, “He’s doesn’t play a big role and just say a funny few words now and then.” TAEYANG said, “I would like to take over Myung-soo’s position. He doesn’t do much” and made everyone laugh.

In the dance battle, Kwanghee stood out. He danced as if he was possessed by something doing a wave dance with his slim figure. He won against all BIGBANG members one by one. His mantis dance split everyone’s sides. He gave enough laughs to last a year. The last member to go up against him was T.O.P, and he tried to stop Kwanghee’s winning streak by doing an idiot dance but failed.

Yang Se-hyeong imitated G-DRAGON’s signature style of dancing, making everyone laugh. G-DRAGON let Yang Se-hyeong wear his jacket for a while, and he made most of the chance to flaunt it. It turned out that Yang Se-hyeong and G-DRAGON have birthdays on the same day.

There was also a tell-the-truth time. SEUNGRI and DAESUNG complained, “We don’t get any presents because we’re younger than the rest.” SEUNGRI said, “There is one member that I think wouldn’t have been able to make it if he wasn’t a BIGBANG member” and pointed at DAESUNG. SEUNGRI also interpreted everything they asked him to into Chinese and Japanese, making everyone laugh.

BIGBANG members fitted right in on Infinite Challenge as interpreter SEUNGRI, idiot T.O.P, Yang Se-hyeong’s dop·pel·gäng·er G-DRAGON, an Ugly Club member DAESUNG, and TAEYANG who has a similar voice with Yoo Jae Suk.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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