Tuesday, December 20, 2016

[EXCLUSIVE] GD-CL to present hip-hop collaboration performance in “GAYO-DAEJEON”… “Unbelievable pair”

YG’s fantastic duo – G-DRAGON and CL – will present a hip-hop collaboration performance in SBS “GAYO-DAEJEON”.

The two will give a hip-hop collaboration performance in “2016 SAF GAYO-DAEJEON” to be live-broadcasted from 8:55PM on December 26. The news of the joint hip-hop performance by the two artists who have gone beyond idol pop stars to become the leaders of K-Pop based on their flagship hip-hop style is already drawing keen attention.

An insider explained, “The pair of G-DRAGON and CL has never been seen even within YG. The two have no experience of giving a joint performance. Notably, G-DRAGON and CL are recognized as global celebrities who have gone beyond Asia to lead the pop music for young generations around the world. The joint performance of such artists is big news”.

“We expect that the two will give a genuine hip-hop performance. I heard that CL really loves to stand on the stage of GAYO-DAEJEON, so she can see 2NE1 fans before the end of this year”, added the insider.

CL’s featuring for “the leaders” which was included in G-DRAGON’s album released in 2009 was the only collaboration between CL and G-DRAGON. The two performed the song in “GAYO-DAEJEON” of that year and now that another collaboration performance has been confirmed, the two are standing on the stage together for the first time in six years.

The collaboration performance is also known to have two hidden rappers other than G-DRAGON and CL. As the two rappers were directly selected by G-DRAGON and CL and they are not YG rappers, fans are showing keen interest in who they are. Plus, the collaboration performance is drawing all the more attention as TEDDY who has helped G-DRAGON and CL’s growth as artists all the way will produce it.

G-DRAGON and CL are leading pop musicians who represent K-Pop. They are showing big influence in the global music scene for this holiday season as well. They were recently enlisted in “2016 Influential 100” selected by global fashion web-magazine “Hypebeast”. Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Rihanna were also included in the list.

Then, the two also put their names in “Global Fashion People 500” list published by “Business of Fashion”, U.K.’s fashion magazine. Total seven Koreans were included in the list along with G-DRAGON and CL, including: Chung Yoo-Kyung, the president of Shinsegae Department Store; Jung Kuho, the vice-president of Fila Korea; Lee Seo-hyun, the head of Samsung’s fashion division; Park Seo-won, the senior vice-president of Doosan; and designer Woo Young Mi.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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