Sunday, November 20, 2016

[NEWS] BIGBANG Released a Surprise Teaser of its Highly-anticipated Regular Album

BIGBANG announced its comeback in a surprise teaser.

At 10 AM on November 19, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster titled “BIGBANG MADE FULL ALBUM COMING SOON” on its official blog.

BIGBANG is to make a comeback in December, and the teaser poster has raised the expectations for the group’s comeback.

YG CEO YANG HYUN SUK recently revealed a video showing BIGBANG members shooting a music video on a 5-person bicycle at a traditional market. The video was hashtagged #BIGBANG, #NEWALBUM, and #COMINGSOON.

The album has a special meaning to BIGBANG and the fans.

For starters, it will be BIGBANG’s third regular album. Also, the album, which is titled “MADE FULL ALBUM”, will contain BIGBANG’s first new single in a year and is its first regular album in eight years. It will serve as a grand finale to BIGBANG’s “MADE” project that started last year. The album will be the last chance to see all the five BIGBANG members together as T.O.P will have to go and do his military service soon.

Fans are highly anticipating the album, the finale to BIGBANG’s “MADE” project and its 10thanniversary celebrations.

Source: YG Entertainment(XSportsNews)


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