Friday, September 9, 2016

[Yesterday V] G-DRAGON, natural-born bigshot… It was his destiny

G-DRAGON was born a bigshot. What is all the more special is that he is fully enjoying his good fortune even before the time when it was destined. It has been revealed that G-DRAGON was born with an unmatched predestined fame and wealth.

On September 7 at 7PM, G-DRAGON hosted NAVER special V-APP live-broadcasting “G-DRAGON ON-AIR”. BIGBANG members have done individual live-broadcasting once every week since the end of last month. DAESUNG was the first one to do the live-broadcasting and G-DRAGON was the second to follow DAESUNG.

G-DRAGON said he “has lots of concerns these days” and invited a fortune-teller to read his destiny. The fortune-teller said that G-DRAGON was destined to have big fame and wealth. The fortune-teller also said that G-DRAGON’s luck for wealth is especially great from this September to December and he will also meet a new person who will greatly help him during the period.

The lines on GD’s palms were exceptionally good as well, to surprise the fortune-teller. The line of longevity is long, being cut nowhere in the middle. Plus, the “M” shape on his palms indicates GD is a man of wealth. The fortune-teller said the lines of GD’s palms are the ones for “the king of wealth” and G-DRAGON could not stop smiling.

The fortune-teller extolled G-DRAGON’s fortune, saying, “You will have an extraordinarily good luck until early 50s”. The fortune-teller also recognized G-DRAGON’s natural talent, saying, “Your physiognomy can be compared to half-crane and half-swallow. It says that you’re full of talent and charms”.

Then, the fortune-teller gave a list of lucky items for G-DRAGON. He gave advice to GD, saying, “Number 1, 3, 6, 8 and color black, blue, navy, and green are good for you. Put on clothes with tiger printing on it, or a wooden ring”.

The fortune-teller said that the lucky season for GD is spring and winter and G-DRAGON was reminded of his song “BLUE”, because the song has lyrics that go “the winter goes and spring comes”. Plus, the title of the song “BLUE” was something good for him, so G-DRAGON made a big smile.

The fortune-teller recommended café and fancy goods business for G-DRAGON. G-DRAGON was surprised by such recommendation and said, “Actually, I run a café in Jeju Island and I will collaborate with a clothing brand soon”. As such, G-DRAGON is doing what is good for him without knowing his destiny in advance. The fortune-teller praised G-DRAGON by saying, “You know what is good for you instinctively, so I don’t think you should care about your fortune”. G-DRAGON made a satisfied smile.

Even though G-DRAGON was born with the destiny to become extremely famous and wealthy, he is modest about himself. When the fortune-teller said, “You should try acting career, like as a school principal or professor”, GD answered, “I’ve really never thought of acting as my career” and said he would act only in his music videos.

Plus, when the fortune-teller said that G-DRAGON’s luck for this year is really good, GD said, “BIGBANG album must be released within 2016, then. Not much time is left, so I’ll hurry up and release the album within this year no matter what”.

G-DRAGON will enjoy a really good luck at the age of 35 and then will accumulate wealth consistently until his early 50s. He is a natural-born super star, but he will go even higher with his own hard-work.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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