Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[NEWS] From BIGBANG to WINNER & iKON, all the YG brothers at MMA

With BIGBANG who has confirmed their performance at “2015 Melon Music Awards” (“MMA”), other YG boy groups WINNER and iKON have also confirmed their performance at the awards.

According to insiders on November 2, WINNER and iKON will perform at the “2015 Melon Music Awards” to be held on the 7 at the Olypmic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul. WINNER who received the rookie of the year award last year will attend the 2015 MMA as a rookie award presenter. That will be WINNER’s first appearance in a music award as a complete team for the first time in 10 months.

iKON who made their official debut on the 1 last month is seen as the most promising nominee for the rookie of the year award of the MMA. The team is highly likely to receive the award, as they have both big fandom and substantial recognition among the public. iKON will attend a music award for the first time in their career, as a nominee for the awards.

BIGBANG has also confirmed their performance at the MMA earlier. As BIGBANG performed as a complete team this year for “MADE” series, BIGBANG’s attendance at the awards bears a special meaning. Notably, since BIGBANG has recently been busy with world tour, the team’s performance at the MMA will be a special gift for Korean fans.

Meanwhile, WINNER has been working on their imminent comeback. The team recently shot two music videos and will shoot two more soon. iKON has postponed the release of their debut album, to gain a stronger momentum. iKON’s debut full album will be released on the 16.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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