Thursday, November 5, 2015

[Music Talk Talk] BIGBANG or WINNER? Who’s the next runner in YG?

YG Entertainment has announced another artist’s comeback for the 21st of December, along with the comebacks of PSY and boy group iKON, grabbing K-pop fans’ attention. While this is long-awaited good news for fans looking forward to YG artists’ comebacks, not knowing whom they will be seeing next on the K-pop scene is making fans anxious.

Earlier, YG Entertainment announced the release of iKON’s new single album on the coming 16th. And PSY also confirmed his comeback date as the 1st of December after a long wait. Many YG artists from BIGBANG, WINNER, AKMU, LEE HI, 2NE1 to KATIE KIM are talked of as the next runner.

Since May, BIGBANG, as a whole team, has been releasing two new songs every month with MADE series. Some say BIGBANG could be the next runner on the coming 21st because they had postponed their schedule just ahead of their regular album release. BIGBANG will attend the 2015 Melon Music Awards on the 7th and meet Korean fans in a long time.

WINNER’s comeback also seems getting more probable with the news about their music video shooting. Recently, WINNER has shot music videos of two new songs in Sweden in secret. The two songs received more spotlights, as their lyrics and music were known to be written by WINNER member NAM TAE HYUN. Moreover, it was reported that WINNER would shoot two more music videos, getting fans more curious about WINNER’s comeback.

Also there are high expectations for AKMU’s comeback. The sibling duo swept music charts with their debut album in last April. AKMU is having one-year absence after releasing their single album “Time and Fallen Leaves” in last October. As much as AKMU’s music is loved by fans, hopes are also high for their new songs. In particular, ahead of SBS’s TV show ‘K-Pop Star 5’ last month, AKMU said, “We hope you wait for our comeback. We are now working on a new album writing good songs. Please wait for us.” So, AKMU is also thought as probable artists to make a comeback on the 21st.

Along with AKMU, KATIE KIM, the winner of ‘K-Pop Star Season 4’, is expected to debut. KATIE KIM has become an YG artist after winning K-Pop Star 4. While she performed on the stage featuring JINUSEAN’s “Tell Me One More Time”, she has not officially debuted. Some say before ‘K-Pop Star 5’ is first aired on the coming 22nd, the winner of the last season may debut.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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