Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[NEWS] NYT Applauds BIGBANG for Leading Change in the Pop Market Dominated by the U.S.

Major media outlets in the U.S. such as The New York Times, The Muse and The Village Voice applauded BIGBANG’s recent concerts held at the Prudential Center, New Jersey, on Oct. 10th and 11th.

On Oct. 12th local time, the NYT reported on the performances and costumes of each member in detail, and said that the show and the group were “chaste” and that “the interstitial videos shown between songs … show the band members as what they are.” And they made a positive comment about the boy band saying, “A night with BigBang is a loud reminder that American exceptionalism is waning.”

On the same day, The Village Voice ran an article entitled ”K-Pop Kings BIGBANG Fly Seoul’s Soul to NYC,“ making favorable comments about them. “Unlike western boy bands, … the audience was predominantly female, but not overwhelmingly so: … [they] were humans from all walks of life,” they said. “The whole of the show was unlike anything in the western pop schema: … BIGBANG values performance.”

Despite the fact that most songs were in Korean and hard for non-native speakers to sing along, “a group of tens of thousands [sang] along to a Korean chorus of “Haru Haru,” about which the article said was “powerful.”

The Muse, a U.S.-based web magazine, said, “… to execute a successful arena show, a good idea is to play every single song like it’s your last song,” describing BIGBANG’s recent concert.

BIGBANG has attracted 73,000 fans so far, as they held concerts in Las Vegas, L.A., Anaheim, Mexico City and New Jersey. And they are scheduled to perform in Toronto on Oct. 13th as part of their North American Tour.

Source: YG Entertainment(XsportsNews)

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