Sunday, August 2, 2015

[NEWS] “Infinite Challenge” Jung Jun Ha & GD: Rapping on Opposite Side of Spectrum

GD showcased some unrivalled rapping.

On MBC’s variety show program “Infinite Challenge,” the music festival was aired. Jung Jun Ha showcased his much-practiced rap and was evaluated by other artists.

Yun Sang, teamed up with Jung Jun Ha, seemed happy but his rapping wasn’t too good for other artists. But GD attracted all attention with the same rap that looked completely different in his own version.

The members of the show extolled GD by saying that they found a lost rhyme.

Zion.T later said he couldn’t rap with such lyrics, and Jung Hyung Don was applauded for his playful rapping.

TAEYANG also attracted attention by his soulful voice singing the rap.

Source: YG Entertainment(STARNEWS)

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