Thursday, June 25, 2015

[NEWS] G-DRAGON makes surprise appearance in “Style Live” show… Introducing his own works of art

Musician G-DRAGON (“GD”) who is trying an encounter between music and art in collaboration with artists from in and out of the country, is appearing in OnStyle channel’s “Style Live”, to talk about his own works of art.

GD will make a surprise appearance in “Style Live” to be aired on the 25 at 9pm, to talk about “PEACEMINUSONE” exhibition for which he has been preparing for more than one year.

“PEACEMINUSONE” exhibition is a project planned to create high-level connections between contemporary art and pop culture, and to raise public interest in contemporary art. It is drawing a big attention, as GD who has established himself as the icon of pop culture collaborated with 14 teams of artists from in and out of the country, to present more than 200 pieces of art work.

GD is to talk about many things in the show, including explanation about the outcome of the collaboration, which was recorded as GD’s self-camera at the exhibition that will be held until August 23 at “Seoul Museum of Art”.

In the “Style Live” show, Cheetah, the final winner of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rap Star” show, and “Jo Joon-woo”, a buyer of a multi-shop brand, will join as new MCs. Cheetah’s makeup know-how and her musical career and everyday life will be unveiled to fulfill fans’ curiosity, and the fashion know-how of buyer Jo Joon-woo who has great influence in Korea’s fashion trend will be also unveiled in the show.

“Style Live” of OnStyle channel is a “real-time stylecast” program that delivers tips on trendy lifestyle and hot news through MCs’ SNS. It is aired on every Thursday at 9pm.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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