Sunday, May 17, 2015

[OSEN Focus] BIGBANG: 5 Trophies on TV, Tops Charts 17 Straight Days… Where Does It End?

The keyword of the music industry in the year 2015 is certainly BIGBANG. They are back for the first time as a whole in 3 years, already seizing 5 trophies on TV and topping music charts for 17 days in a row. They are on the roll. But is that all? No, because the second song in the ranking is also their track. BIGBANG’s “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.” BIGBANG’s rival is BIGBANG.

BIGBANG’s comeback influence is far greater than expected. Now they are at the beginning stage, and it is hard to predict how far they will go. YG’s Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK announced something very provocative: BIGBANG will be releasing new songs every month from May to August. And their first step already became an enormous success. Fans are curious to see how far the quintet will go.

First, BIGBANG won against the Bangtan Boys’ “I Need U” and EXO’s “Call Me Baby” to seize the trophy on MBC’s Show! Music Center with their newest track “LOSER” on May 16. Without even appearing on the show, they topped the program for 2 weeks in a row.

On May 9, they also grabbed the trophy on MBC’s Show! Music Center, again without making an official comeback on the show, and on May 10 on SBS’s Inkigayo, on 14 Mnet’s M Countdown and KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. They already possess 5 trophies, and it is hard to predict if they will be getting more.

“LOSER” and “BAE BAE” are ranked #1 and #2 on major South Korean music sites for 16 straight days as well. On Gaon Chart, they are breaking the record for being the most-streamed songs of the week.

They have been away for a long time, and they are seeing viral success as soon as they are back. Perhaps it is not that shocking. But what’s notable is that things change with the speed of light in the present day, and topping charts with two songs for this long in the rapidly changing music world would not be possible if it wasn’t BIGBANG.

From solos to groups, no matter how popular they are, it is normal that they yield their top positions after a few days, perhaps 3 days tops. But for BIGBANG the phenomenon is lasting whopping 16 days. No matter how popular the band is, the longevity of their music depends on the word-of-mouth. So it is certainly safe to say that BIGBANG is recognized for their musical talents.

Unveiled at 0 hour of May 1, “LOSER” topped all 8 South Korean major charts including Melon and Bugs on May 8. The second title tracks “BAE BAE” is following the first one. On Melon, it topped the ranking of “24-hour Usage Comparison” and even reached the highest point. They now have the record of 46 times, not ceasing to climb up.

On Gaon Chart’s 19th week ranking on May 7 they were triple crowned on Digital, Download and Album Charts category while occupying the top two slots of Billboard’s  “World Digital Songs” chart on May 8.

“LOSER” is a song about a lonely person. It is not powerful or fast, but you can tell that it is produced by BIGBANG. The rhythmical rapping and the addictive hook attract the listeners’ attention at once. T.O.P, G-DRAGON wrote the song while TAEYANG was involved in composing. TEDDY was in charge of the overall producing.

They are scheduled to release new songs every first of the month until August. It has been 16 days since their first one, and only 15 days left until the next ones. Fans joke that BIGBANG’s rival is BIGBANG, and that is certainly true. Now they are breaking all the records in the music world, and all eyes are on the quintet to see what kind of surprises they got for us this time.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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