Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[NEWS] BIGBANG’s “LOSER” MV Surpassing 20m Views… DAESUNG Version of Solo Clip Unveiled

DAESUNG’s solo clip video of the music video of BIGBANG’s “LOSER” has been released.

On the 19 at 9pm, YG Entertainment posted DAESUNG’s solo clip on the company’s official blog. The video is a special edition created to celebrate “LOSER”‘s music video surpassing 20 million views. It is a special present created to pay back to fans’s great support. The special video shows images of DAESUNG which have not been unveiled so far, so it is drawing much attention from fans.

In the video, DAESUNG is catching the eyes with his veteran acting. Notably, in a scene in which he hides from bullies who harass him, he excellently expresses the emotions with shaky eyes and hands.

Before that, BIGBANG released four clip videos for the “Chapssalddeok”(Korean sticky rice cake) series of “BAE BAE”‘s music video, to be acclaimed by fans. The newly unveiled videos of “LOSER” are showing rather serious and emotional sentiment, showing a new and special appeal of BIGBANG.

Plus, a cover event for new song “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” is now being carried out, to draw big attention from fans. The cover event is from the 18 to the 29 this month and fans can take part in it on BIGBANG’s official Facebook account.

While “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” are still enjoying explosive popularity being ranked in top places on charts on the 20th day from their release, BIGBANG will release a new song again on the 1 of next month.

Source: YG Entertainment(TVReport)

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