Thursday, May 7, 2015

[INTERVIEW] BIGBANG, “Billboard is Not Out of Our Shot… K-Pop Has Full Potential”

“We are coming back after three years of absence, so I feel happy but sorry at the same time. We will present a lot of performances for fans who have been waiting for us so long, so you can look forward to that.” (SEUNGRI) “It’s been so long since I performed in Korea, so I was somewhat nervous. Fortunately, we are getting underway successfully, and I feel surprised and grateful.” (DAESUNG)

BIGBANG has come back. As the team is the “idol of K-Pop”, the comeback is creating sensation. BIGBANG’s new songs released on May 1 after three years of absence took the No.1 and No.2 places on music charts upon their release, proving that the only rival of BIGBANG is just BIGBANG. The same situation is being unfolded overseas, too. On the same day, “LOSER” proved K-Pop’s global prestige, by topping iTunes single chart of ten countries.

E-Daily met BIGBANG in celebration of the release of their project single album “M”, to confirm the team’s pride in K-Pop once again.

“Foreign charts such as Billboard used to be thought as just out of our shot, but now, I think Korean music has full potential. Korean artists are as serious about music as any other foreign artist, and we are actually creating good music. If we can keep creating good songs as we do now, I think we can get recognized overseas soon.” (G-DRAGON)

“Gangnam Style” of PSY, another artist of YG, as well as BIGBANG’s “BAD BOY” and “FANTASTIC BABY” enjoyed big popularity overseas. Plus, a bunch of foreign fans’ videos that cover BIGBANG’s performance was created and posted, to draw big attention.

“I feel really grateful for such popularity of my team both in and out of the country, but actually, how high we go on charts is not that important for us. There is nothing better for us even if we get a good record on foreign charts.” (G-DRAGON)

“I think we feel rewarded and confident only when we are satisfied with the outcome, rather than when we get high ranks on charts.” (TAEYANG)

BIGBANG will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut next year. There have been some accidents and scandals for the past ten years, but BIGBANG is an unmatched team in terms musical achievement. That is why people acknowledge BIGBANG than other idol groups as an “artist”. BIGBANG has world tour beginning from April this year until next year, to meet 1.4 million fans in at 70 concerts in 15 countries. YG Entertainment’s head YANG HYUN SUK expressed his deep affection for BIGBANG like a father’s love for his son in an interview held in line with the after-party of BIGBANG’s concert, saying that he wants to work further with BIGBANG for the next 20 years to come. Fans feel the same with YANG HYUN SUK. However, BIGBANG is rather realistic.

“We agreed to quit when we come to look too old on the stage, or look unenergetic or uncool. We decided to stand on the stage only until people want us. Of course it would be ideal if we can perform in our middle ages, but we want to perform as an artist only until we still look cool.” (T.O.P)

“When we are not BIGBANG but just ourselves, we’re still just kids. We could do our job well for the past ten years, because YG has took a very good care of such kids. As long as YG remains as such a reliable support for us, there will be no reason for us to get out of there. If we and president YANG can maintain our attitude and passion for music, I think that kind of future will be possible.” (G-DRAGON)

Source: YG Entertainment(E-Daily)

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