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[INTERVIEW] GD X Taeyang Talks ′Good Boy,′ BIGBANG′s Upcoming Album and More

It was a long wait. For two years and six months since Still Alive released in June of 2012, no news came out regarding BIGBANG’s new album. In that sense, G-Dragon and Taeyang’s hip-hop project song Good Boy is like the much-needed rain during drought.

Although it is ‘sad’ that BIGBANG didn’t return as a whole, the fans are excited just to be able to hear G-Dragon and Taeyang’s voices through the song and on broadcasts.

▶ Meeting G-Dragon and Taeyang

“Hey Young Bae (Taeyang’s real name), how long has it been for us…12 years? 13 years?” said G-Dragon. The two, born in the same year (1988), have been together for 14 years since they were in 6th grade.

They were close to the point where the number of years didn’t matter anymore. Taeyang said, “We’re so different that we know what each other wants. Have we fought…? Well we once quarreled during a basketball game in middle school. We never fought since then.”

G-Dragon said, “I made up with him at that time, since I knew I will have to keep seeing him (laughter). Taeyang is masculine and I’m a bit feminine. I think that’s why we’re able to meet what each other wants.”

What caught attention on this day is G-Dragon’s show of feeling pressured about BIGBANG’s new album. Since no news came out for two years and six months, questions regarding the album kept pouring out and G-Dragon couldn’t hide his awkward facial expression.

G-Dragon said, “I don’t feel pressured at all about solo or unit album preparation, but I feel pressured about BIGBANG’s album. I like doing music lightly and enjoyably but since BIGBANG became such a famous group, it’s not easy dealing with it. I actually don’t know how I should go about it. So I’ve been dying these days. The members don’t talk about it because they don’t want to pressure me but I’m sorry. To the fans and to the members.”

▶ The following is a Q&A

- How was GD X Taeyang created?

“Unlike GD&TOP, it is not a unit that was created through planning. Good Boy is a song that was made in the process of preparing BIGBANG’s album and it just happened when Yang Hyun Suk suggested, ‘Why don’t you two do this together?’ I had no idea that I would be releasing the song or promoting on broadcasts.” (G-Dragon)

- What kind of song is Good Boy?
“It’s club music with hip-hop base. I hope that fans can just dance and enjoy it when I’m promoting on broadcast. I hope that they can de-stress when they hear it on TV or on the street.” (G-Dragon)

- BIGBANG’s album hasn′t released an album for a long time. You came out representing BIGBANG, but didn’t you feel pressured?
“I was not concerned or felt pressured. We agreed that we should enjoy it with the feel of warming up for BIGBANG. (G-Dragon)
“I did it with a very light mindset. Since BIGBANG didn’t come out for a long time, I decided to come out as a way to greet the fans. I hope they can relieve their thirst for BIGBANG’s album in this way. Please regard it as the upcoming album’s spoiler.” (Taeyang)

- Is there special story you wanted to tell through Good Boy?

“There is no special meaning. I once watched a musical and heard a song called ‘I’m a good girl.’ Then I thought, ‘why isn’t there a boy version?’ We don’t have the good boy image. So I thought it’d be fun to sing a song like this. I wanted to express bad boys who are only good to their girls.” (G-Dragon)

“It’s true we don’t look like good kids. (laughter) But behind the stage, we often hear that there are no such good boys like us. I think that’s what matches up with Good Boy.” (Taeyang)

- Didn’t you feel pressured about the success of this unit?
“If it was BIGBANG’s album, I would have definitely felt pressured. But at some point, I started not worrying so much about the success of solo or unit activities. If the performance is entertaining and I happily enjoy it, then I think the fans would also enjoy it.” (G-Dragon)

- Is there any special reason why BIGBANG’s album is being delayed so much?
“I’ve been working on it since two years ago. I think this album is at the crossroads in many ways. I personally want to make an album that is entirely made up of title songs, instead of tracks that just fill the album. That’s why it’s been delayed and I’m sorry to the fans. But I think it’s right to return with the perfect product.” (G-Dragon)

- You seem quite pressured about BIGBANG’s album
“Although the members have been carrying out individual activities doing solo tours and others, our hearts are all in one place. But I can feel that they’re being considerate in order to not pressure me. I’m so sorry to the members and the fans for keep delaying it. We, the five BIGBANG members, will unite and return with a proper album.” (G-Dragon)

- What kind of performance do you want to show through GD X Taeyang activities?
“I can’t put it simply as of now. Some people say that it doesn’t meet their expectation but I would like to show a better side of us. (Taeyang)

“I would like to show you our overripe sides. (laughter) I hope that people who watch don’t feel uneasy and be able to enjoy the song delightfully.” (G-Dragon)

Source: YG Entertainment, enewsworld

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