Monday, November 10, 2014

[NEWS] From BIGBANG to iKON… Reason Why YG’s Suvival Audition Continues

BIGBANG who had undergone a harsh hazing in “Real-Docu BIGBANG” before debut has become a long-lived nine-year-old idol group. WINNER who debuted through a movie-like harsh survival audition “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” has evolved into an influential rookie, whose debut album swept major music charts. And now, YG Entertainment’s new boy group iKON has come under a big spotlight even before their debut, appearing in MIX & MATCH.

YG Entertainment’s boy groups including BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON have drawn especially big attention from before their debut. Since they had had strong fan base and proved their talent even before official debut, many peple had higher expectations for them than for any other rookie. Notably, iKON whose members were confirmed on the 6 in MIX & MATCH’s last episode are under a particularly big spotlight.

YG’s special way of selecting members of new boy group through survival audition program has been effective from the time of BIGBANG. Real-docu programs in which talented trainees grow into musicians and their personality in daily lives are delicted provided good opportunity for them to build recognition. It was also a good choice to prove members’ talent and potential from before debut.

Last year’s “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” drew attention as team-to-team survival. Members divided into Team A and Team B competed fiercely for debut. The competiton was so fierce because the losing team had no promised future. Eventually, Team A won the survival competiton, to make debut as WINNER.

“WIN: WHO IS NEXT” was YG’s optimal choice, as it promoted its talented trainees to the public. Not only WINNER who hit the jackpot upon their debut, but also Team B members to make debut as iKON soon, enjoyed big popularity comparable to that of any other idol group, even before their debut.

Both WINNER and iKON enhanced their teamwork through the survival competition and had opportunity to unleash their talent in songwriting, rap, dance, and singing. Seeing their evolution in every episode, not only YG head producer YANG HYUN SUK but also viewers felt satisfied and pleasant. The reason why WINNER’s debut drew bigger attention than other rookie singers was because they had already built a strong fandom and recognition through the survival audition show.

Following the footsteps of “Real-docu BIGBANG” and “WIN: WHO IS NEXT”, MIX & MATCH was also a smart strategy for debut of an idol group. iKON with seven members. Nine YG trainees who compete fiercely to join YG’s new boy group whose name was already created have made their dream come true, under a big spotlight. Team B members who appeared in “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” showed evolved skills, and new-face trainees also proved their potential in MIX & MATCH.

Most of all, fans have strongly supported the process of selection of iKON’s members. BOBBY who has drawn big popularity among teenagers and people in twenties by appearing in “WIN: WHO’S NEXT” and Mnet’s rapper survival “Show Me the Money” seems to have already become a star. Plus, whenever YG announced a new member of iKON, the server of YG’s official blog was down because of too much access, showing big interest in iKON. The reason behind such a big interest seems to be because the result reflected not only the company’s evaluation but also viewers’s choice.

Such a big interest formed by MIX & MATCH is expected to go on to the debut of iKON, as it was for WINNER. The public has already witnessed how the memebers of iKON survived the audition, so they have substantial confidence in their talent. Music fans are paying keen attention to the future of iKON, as they are a talented idol group directly selected by the public, just like BIGBANG and WINNER.

Source: YG Entertainment (OSEN)

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