Monday, September 8, 2014

[NEWS] T.O.P reveals BIGBANG may not release comeback album this year

In light of his recent promotions for the film “Tazza 2,” T.O.P catches on a different take as he talks about BIGBANG's possible comeback.

On a recent interview with Newsen, T.O.P revealed his intention to release a new album with BIGBANG this year, citing that it has been three years since their last album. According to him, “It’s difficult to meet with the members all together because we’re busy. However, BIGBANG gathered at a recent concert held in China and as we ate, we said, ‘Let’s work on our song,’ revealing that he want their new material to be released this year, but is proving to be difficult.

At the time of the interview, Taeyang was busy with his concert tour in Japan, which will be followed by his upcoming concert in South Korea. Daesung is scheduled to be release his new album in Japan next month and will be in the country to promote it. Seungri is currently busy on various Japanese programs, while Jiyong is on break.

He states that once YG Entertainment’s world tour finishes this year, they plan on aggressively working on their new album as soon as possible.

YG Entertainment has not made any announcement regarding BIGBANG’s comeback yet, however, on the recent “AIA Real Life: NOW FESTIVAL 2014” concert, G-Dragon made his own announcement saying that the group plans to come back by the end of this year. The group just celebrated their 8th year anniversary last month.

Meanwhile, T.O.P is promoting his latest film “Tazza 2,” where hype about his topless scene became a hot topic online. The 19+ rated film, which also stars Shin Sekyung, Yu Haejin and Lee Hanui, just celebrated the success of reaching 1 million audiences in just five days.

Source: Newsen via Koreaboo

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