Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[NEWS] BIGBANG Handwrites Thank You Messages for 8th Anniversary

BIGBANG celebrated its 8th anniversary with hand written messages.

On August 19, BIGBANG celebrated the 8th anniversary and thanked the fans by posting hand written messages on YG’s official website.

G-Dragon wrote, “It’s the 8th anniversary… We still have a far way to go. Thank you always,” and Taeyang wrote, “Pal (8th) anniversary… I’m still pal pal…! (Korean term meaning lively).”

T.O.P wrote, “To everyone who has been with BIGBANG until the 8th anniversary! Thank you! I wish for a happier tomorrow!” and Daesung wrote, “BIGBANG’s pal (8th) anniversary!! Keep pal (fol) lowing me~!!”

Finally, Seungri wrote, “Celebrating V.I.P’s 8th anniversary. Let us meet now… I can’t wait any longer… Let’s meet.”

YG Entertainment also uploaded a group picture of BIGBANG along with the text ‘BIGBANG 8th Anniversary.’

Source: YG Entertainment, enewsworld

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