Sunday, August 3, 2014

[VOTE] Which is stronger? #VIPs Vs. #panheads - Round 4

Vote Closed

Fan Army: The VIPs
BIGBANG on their fans: "We are extremely thankful to all the fans... We would like to continue visiting various countries around the world and to meet every BIGBANG fan out there. In order to do that, we have to constantly evolve and challenge ourselves and grow as artists. We hope that all of you will support for us."

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Mitzuki said...

Hi, my name is Carlos and... well, could you help me? :3 .. i want the stickers from GD but in my country, is not available yet... and I think never will XD .

im from Perú.

my email is

i will appreciate your prompt response. THANK YOU

pd: si puedes traducir esto eh tratado de no ser formal XD ...pero el traductor de google no funciona muy bien y paresco demasiado serio :v XD