Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[NEWS] “What Do You Know About Fashion?” TAEYANG & SEUNGRI impressed by GD’s fashion sense

TAEYANG and SEUNGRI are impressed by G-DRAGON’s fashion sense.

On July 4, Naver streamed a live clip of TAEYANG and SEUNGRI’s Star Cast in celebration of the 1st anniversary of Star Cast.

TAEYANG and SEUNGRI announced the result of Star Cast Awards conducted by Naver. Star Cast Awards is carried out by 50,000 fans through their Line Star Cast official accounts to vote for different members in each category.

In the category titled “What Do You Know About Fashion?” GD won, just like everybody had expected. SEUNGRI commented, “We are in the same group, but his fashion is so outstanding we cannot catch up.” TAEYANG added, “Because he has a good physique, any outfit will make him look good.”

Source: YG Entertainment(TV Report)

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