Monday, July 28, 2014


BIGBANG is holding Japan’s 5 Largest Domes Tour for 2 years in a row, which is a first for foreign artists.

Starting from Nagoya Dome on November 15 and 16, BIGBANG is to kick off “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014.” They will then move on to Osaka Kyocera Dome from November 20 to 23, to Fukuoka Yahoo Oku Dome on December 6 and 7, to Sapporo Dome on December 20 and to Tokyo Dome on December 26 and 27. In total, they will perform 11 times across 5 cities, joined by 536,000 fans.

For the first time as foreign artists, BIGBANG toured around Japan’s 6 largest domes under the title “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014” from last November to this January, travelling across Seibu, Kyocera, Yahoo Oku, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo Domes. Performing a total of 16 times across 6 cities, the members heated up the 771,000 fans who joined them.

Their upcoming tour is even more meaningful as they are the first foreign artists to hold 5 largest dome tour 2 years in a row.

BIGBANG’s leader GD commented, “All members are very much looking forward to seeing the Japanese fans again. We will do our best to show you an upgraded performance,” and added, “Join us to make the domes the hottest place in the world.”

Each BIGBANG member has been carrying out his musical career as a solo, too. DAESUNG topped Oricon Daily Ranking with his “D’slove” released on July 15 and held his solo Arena Tour across 8 cities to perform 15 times, while TAEYANG topped 10 global charts with his new album “RISE.” He is scheduled to make a solo debut in Japan on August 13, and will kick off his Japan solo tour from August 12. He will be joined by 70,000 fans across 6 cities performing 13 times in total.

Source: YG Entertainment(OSEN)

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