Friday, July 4, 2014

[NEWS] BIGBANG Dominated No.1 on DVD Oricon Chart

'2014 BIGBANG +α CONCERT IN SEOUL' took the No.1 on Oricon’s daily DVD music chart

BIGBANG has taken the No.1 on Oricon’s DVD chart.

According to Oricon chart on the 3 this month, BIGBANG’s live DVD '2014 BIGBANG +α CONCERT IN SEOUL' released in Japan on the 2 took the second place on Oricon’s daily DVD music chart, on the same day. Plus, it took the second place too, on daily DVD chart, to prove BIGBANG’s high popularity in the country.

The DVD contains ‘2014 BIGBANG +α CONCERT IN SEOUL’, which proved BIGBANG’s presence once again by attracting total 36,000 people for three days in January this year, at Olympic Gymnastics Hall located in Seoul.

The DVD shows BIGBANG concert held one year after ‘BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR THE FINAL IN SEOUL’ which had been held last year. In the DVD, fans can see, hear, and feel team BIGBANG’s colorful stages and individual member’s performance. It also captures the enthusiastic atmosphere at the concert as it was on the site.

The DVD contains BIGBANG’s hit songs including “LAST FAREWELL”, “FANTASTIC BABY”, and “LIES”, as well as videos and photos which display the energy of team BIGBANG, who have come back as a more matured team after one year of break. Those videos and photos include each members’ solo performances disclosed last year, as well as multi-angle and making films.

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