Friday, July 11, 2014

[INFO] BIGBANG FOR [2014『TOS Endorsers Special Guess』]

【2014『TOS Endorsers Special Guess』】

How to join:

1. 'Like" TOS Fan Page

2. "Like" and "Share" this event post and set the audience as "public". Write 【Join 『2014 TOS Endorsers Special Guess』 together to be awarded 5 diamonds! There is also a chance winning great prizes!】

3. Click the link to join at once!

Something BIG is happening! The event 『TOS Endorsers Special Guess』 has already begun!
In this event, Summoners have to guess our coming Endorsers and share a picture. Everyone joining the event will be awarded 5 diamonds!

No matter you are a Summoner from Traditional Chinese or English version, all Summoners would be grouped. Every 300th Summoner with the correct answer (the 300th person, the 600th person, so on and so forth), will be awarded one of the below prizes.

「Special Starry Award」:
Prize 1: 2 Tickets to『Meeting TOS Endorsers 2014』 in Hong Kong on July 29 (Tue) and 2 cards of 70 diamonds. There are 100 quotas.
Prize 2: 2 Tickets to 『TOS Contest X Concert』 (NT$ 2,000, 70 diamonds will be included) in Taiwan on Aug 17 (Sun). There are 100 quotas.
Prize 3: 140 diamonds and 1,000 souls. There are 800 quotas.

* Each summoner can participate ONCE only with ONE TOS UID, and the UID will be rewarded with Participation Award ONCE only. 「Special Starry Award」 winners can only claim ONE AND ONLY ONE 「Special Starry Award」(Subject to quota). Summoners involved in repeated participation would be deprived of eligibility of award collection.

★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★*

★ 2nd Event: TOS Endorsers Special Guess
Time: Jul 11 (Fri) - Jul 16 (Wed) 13:00, UTC+08
Join the event to receive 5 diamonds!

『TOS Endorsers Special Guess』Result Announcement:
『TOS Endorsers Special Guess』Result will be announced on Jul 17 (Thu) 21:00, UTC+08 on TOS Official Facebook Fan Page and TOS Official Website.

Reward Distribution:
Participation Award Distribution:
For Summoners who have completed the event, the reward would be distributed to eligible TOS UIDs on Jul 23 (Wed), UTC+08. Summoners can find the reward in "Community" -> "Reward" after re-logging into Tower of Saviors.

Arrangements for 「Special Starry Award」:
UID lists of awardees of different prizes would be announced at:
Prize 1: Jul 17 (Thu)
Prize 2: Jul 17 (Thu)
Prize 3: Jul 18 (Fri)
Summoners awarded the 「Special Starry Award」will be contacted for award collection. Please refer to [Reward Distribution] on the event website.

*All Summoners of both TOS English version and Traditional Chinese version who have reached Level 10 or above are eligible for this event.

This might be BIGBANG Poster for promote this event:

Source: TowerOfSaviors, @jy34Ho

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