Monday, September 1, 2014

[NEWS] YG Family Concert heats up 35,000 Shanghai fans

YG Family heated up the night of Shanghai.

In the evening of August 30, the Shanghai Stadium was filled with 35,000 excited fans who gathered to see YG Family’s first China concert: “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR: POWER IN SHANGHAI.”

The first group on stage was 2NE1. With a dynamic entrance with their 2nd full album’s “CRUSH,” they moved on to sing “FIRE,” “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU,” fully gearing up the stadium. EPIK HIGH followed the four divas with “WITH YOU,” “LOVE LOVE LOVE” and then WINNER continued on with “GO UP,” “EMPTY” and “SMILE AGAIN.” The local fans were electrified by the artists.

BIGBANG followed up the heated up stage, dressed in gold outfits. As soon as they appeared, the stadium filled with gold, fans waving sticks with golden crowns on top. The stadium was united in one as the fans and BIGBANG sang “HARU HARU,” “BAD BOY,” and “FANTASTIC BABY” together.

[NEWS] 50,000 Fans Went Wild Seeing BIGBANG Perform at A-Nation

BIGBANG and WINNER enthralled the fans at a major music festival in Japan.

The two groups performed at the “a-nation island & stadium fes. 2014 powered by bin Jelly.” held in Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium on August 29 and made the audience of 55,000 go wild.

[NEWS] BIGBANG Puts On Expressionless Faces Once Again and It`s not ID Photo They Say

The boy band BIGBANG poses with an expressionless look on their faces in a photo.

On August 29, SEUNGRI posted a photo of BIGBANG on Instagram.

In the photo, the members are all taking stiff poses but they are dressed in their unique styles. DAESUNG is wearing a leopard shirt and T.O.P, a clean-cut suit with a cute bow tie. SEUNGRI has a dotted shirt and jacket on and G-DRAGON funked up his look with a fedora, sunglasses, bold accessories, and a pink jacket. TAEYANG is dressed in a leather sleeveless jacket and ripped black jeans with his hat back to front, looking all chic.